Watch Kurt Share About His Book in a New Podcast

In recent weeks, I’ve had the privilege of appearing on the Reformers Bookcast to speak with interview host Tom Eglinton about my new book, Cross and Culture: Can Jesus Save the West?

Perhaps you’ve heard about my new book but are still wondering what it’s about. Here’s a one-minute summary that I shared during my visit to Reformers:

Tom was an exceptional podcast host. I’m somewhat of an introvert, but Tom had a way of mining the gold out of me. I normally don’t enjoy watching myself on video, but I’m really pleased with how this interview turned out. Check it out here:

Over recent weeks, many people who’ve bought a copy of Cross and Culture have written in to thank me and share their thoughts. Here’s what people are saying about the book:

“Cross and Culture is one of the most profound books I have read. Indeed, it is so good I am reading it for a second time. I have promoted it to clergy here in Townsville.”—Clive B.

“I’m not a reader, but so far I am loving Cross and Culture! Covering the history of Christianity and tracing back to where we started losing our way, this is an amazing yet heartbreaking journey. Thank you so much for writing this book!”—Emily S.

“Kurt’s insights are great: well and broadly researched too. He has pulled together personal experiences—along with great and diverse thinkers, and a broad range of historical events—to craft a clear picture of what’s been happening: not just in the West, but in the church too. It’s brilliantly done.”—Hayden J.

“I’m presently reading this book. It has really helped shape recent conversations and made me feel equipped in defence of the historical and cultural influence Christianity has had through the ages.”—Jude C.

“Kurt was obviously created to write Cross and Culture at such a time as this. His careful research and bibliography are breathtaking. In his own inimitable style, Kurt has threaded a lot of complex movements together and added unique descriptive comments and exclamations. He has summarised a swathe of history and presented ideologies with such clarity that I am retaining this book as a reference which I will access when I need reminding. Cross and Culture has given me insights I did not have and an increased fervour to evangelise while we have time. I feel this book has enriched me and given me even more confidence to defend the faith that undergirded the West. I have been recommending this book to others.”—Paul A.

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