Say No to Vaccine Passports

The organisation I work with, the Canberra Declaration, has launched a new petition calling on the Australian government and private companies to reject the use of vaccination certificates. I encourage all Australians to sign it. The petition is called Vaccine Passports: No Way, and it reads as follows:

What makes Australia so wonderful is our long-held belief in the dignity of the human person and the many values and freedoms that flow from this.

Every Australian has the right to seek medical treatment, including vaccination against COVID-19. But no Aussie should be coerced into receiving this treatment by the introduction of a vaccine certificate or passport. It is unconscionable for the government or corporate bodies to make a citizen’s travel, work, study or other everyday affairs dependent on a medical procedure. 

Countless Australians who have had other routine vaccinations remain hesitant about the COVID-19 vaccine until more data is available. Forcing Aussies to go against their conscience and better judgment, simply to continue enjoying normal civic life, is deeply unethical and discriminatory. Vaccine passports have no place in a free society like Australia.

If Australia — or any other nation — wants foreign visitors to be vaccinated, that is a separate issue. But a civilised and democratic nation like Australia must not compel its own people to undertake a medical procedure, or divulge private medical data, just to maintain their longstanding freedoms. Travelling domestically, returning from overseas, and accessing jobs, services, sports and social events must not be made contingent on a vaccine passport.

The sanctity of life and the freedom of conscience are non-negotiable human rights. If we abandon these, the social fabric of Australian society will be seriously weakened, to our personal and collective detriment.

We insist on the right of all Australians to be protected from government and private incursions on our sacred rights. We speak up in defence of freedom. We say no to vaccine passports. And we call on all like-minded citizens to support and sign this petition.

One thought on “Say No to Vaccine Passports

  1. Thanks for taking this important step. It is important that those who decline to be vaccinated for ethical reasons are not marginalised. Both vaccines used foetal cell lines, either for development or for testing for efficacy and safety. Although the Catholic Church has said taking the vaccine is conscionable, it has also said that there should be no compulsion so everyone can decide according to their conscience.

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