12 Reasons to Give Thanks That Roe v Wade Was Overturned

The US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade is a major victory for the unborn. However, the benefits of Friday’s decision are even more far-reaching than you may have considered.

Friday 24th June, 2022, will forever be remembered as the day the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) struck down Roe v Wade, turning the tide on abortion in the Western world.

Christians and other pro-lifers have countless reasons to be thankful for this landmark decision — one that has been decades in the making. Briefly consider 12 reasons for us to rejoice.

1. Millions of lives will be saved

Over 63 million unborn babies have been killed in abortions in the US since 1973, the year Roe v Wade was decided. This silent holocaust won’t come to an end immediately, but now that abortion regulation has been returned to the states, laws already in place in 13 states — and God willing, more in the future — will stem the tide of death.

While laws themselves don’t reform culture, they do aid as moral guardrails (see Galatians 3:24). A new generation of Americans will now grow up understanding that the disposing of unwanted infants isn’t a constitutional “right” but a well-regulated wrong. Moreover, Western nations with more liberal abortion laws than the US will now see themselves as outliers and consider their own reforms. 

2. God has heard decades of prayers

The so-called “culture wars” have moved steadily in a leftward direction for decades. Sometimes it can discouraging to stand back and see so much lost ground for life, family, marriage, faith and freedom.

The end of Roe v Wade is a momentous exception to this rule. God has heard the prayers of his people and has been faithful to his promises. This gives us confidence in praying and speaking up for so many other social issues that desperately need our attention.

3. Planned Parenthood’s bluff has been called

For years, Planned Parenthood has claimed that performing abortions comprises only 4% of what they do. Despite this, Axios reported that on the heels of Friday’s decision, Planned Parenthood outlets and other abortion clinics immediately closed their doors across the country.

CBS News has warned that as many as one quarter of the nearly 800 abortion clinics in the US will shut down permanently as a result of the Supreme Court’s ruling. Pro-lifers can be thankful not only for these closures, but also that the closures have exposed one of the biggest lies of the abortion industry.

4. Crisis pregnancy care is finally being noticed

“If you were really pro-life, you’d adopt and help mothers who are forced to keep their babies.” This supposed mic-drop argument has been used endlessly in an attempt to silence pro-lifers, and it has featured prominently in online debates since Friday’s SCOTUS decision.

The reality is that pro-lifers have been adopting, fostering, donating, volunteering and rendering care and aid to mothers facing crisis pregnancies for decades. In fact, there are around 2,500 crisis pregnancy centres across America that far outnumber abortion clinics — dozens of which have ironically been vandalised and firebombed in recent weeks.

Praise God that this week’s decision has finally put the great work of crisis pregnancy centres and the pro-life movement in the spotlight.

5. An unjust constitutional ruling has been set right

In the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision in 1973, the court dubiously “discovered” a broad right to obtain an abortion in the US Constitution — despite the fact that neither the word nor the concept appears in the nation’s founding document.

For 49 years, that fake “right” has been upheld across America, further strengthened by SCOTUS’s 1992 Planned Parenthood v Casey ruling. What took place on Friday was not an attack on “women’s rights” but the righting of one of the most grave wrongs in the history of American jurisprudence. Finally it is the states — through the people’s elected representatives — that have the freedom to make laws on this all-important issue.

6. Moloch’s bloodlust has been exposed

The mantra of the early pro-abortion movement was that abortions should be “safe, legal and rare”. But with the passing decades, the movement’s bloodlust grew until babies were being aborted at full term in many states, and abortion had become — in the words of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi — “sacred ground”.

The violence and unhinged protests that have been unleashed since Friday are clear evidence that abortion has always been a spiritual battle. Just as the nations surrounding ancient Israel sacrificed their children to the demon-god Moloch for health and prosperity, so today, that spirit lives on and is unhappy that his business model has been disrupted. All the more reason for Christians to remain steadfast in the truth and rejoice in the victory God has accomplished on behalf of the unborn.

7. Deceptive word games have been laid bare

Every criticism you will read of the overturning of Roe v Wade must rely on empty euphemisms, like the phrase, “No one should tell a woman what to do with her own body.” In truth, everyone — and I mean everyone — knows that the unborn baby inside of a pregnant mother is not the mother’s body. The baby has its own heartbeat and its own DNA.

Pro-abortion activists have only two choices at this point: to ignore the obvious and shout louder, or acknowledge that what they really want is the right for women to kill their own offspring. It is a heaven-sent blessing that this motive — and the deceptive word games used to conceal it — have been laid bare for all to see.

8. The trans movement has remembered what a woman is

For several years we have been told that a woman is anyone who thinks they are a woman, even if that person has male genitals and a beard. The trans movement has turned many brains to mush, ruined countless women’s sporting leagues, and put girls and women in harm’s way in public toilets, on education campuses, and in other public places.

But with Roe overturned, all of a sudden these posers and cultural vandals are once again very clear on the boundary dividing women from men, and intent that men should have zero say over women’s bodies. So women are XX-chromosome-bearing, adult human females after all! Don’t ever let them forget it.

9. A world gone mad has rediscovered bodily autonomy

The “my body, my choice” principle emphatically does not apply when it is one person deciding to end the life of another, as in the case of an abortion. But now that bodily autonomy is front-and-centre again, we can look forward to abortion enthusiasts applying this logic — correctly — to vaccine mandates.

Hundreds of millions of people should never have been deprived of their jobs, incomes, freedom of movement, and ability to feed their family for declining Covid jabs that were leaky, had limited efficacy, and were still undergoing trials. The State has no such right over the bodies its citizens. The overturning of Roe has brought the issue of bodily autonomy to the fore at an opportune time.

10. America has affirmed that Black lives matter

In 2010, census statistics revealed that almost 80 percent of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion clinics were within walking distance of African-American or Hispanic communities. Today, over one-third of the abortion provider’s 340,000 abortions are carried out on Black babies, even though the Black community makes up only 13 percent of America’s population. The Guttmacher Institute, once Planned Parenthood’s research division, found that African-American women are five times more likely to choose abortion over white women.

As of Friday, however, the tragic genocide of African Americans has been significantly slowed.

What many Americans don’t realise is that this Black genocide was no coincidence. Planned Parenthood was founded by the racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who had ties to the Ku Klux Klan. In a 1939 private letter, Sanger wrote, “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” To this day, Planned Parenthood celebrates Sanger as a “woman of heroic accomplishments”.

We are blessed to live through a moment of history when this evil legacy was reversed.

11. The voice of women has been elevated

In 1973, the US Supreme Court was made up entirely of men, meaning it was men who decided what women could “do with their bodies” in the original Roe ruling – or more accurately, what could be done to the bodies of 63 million now-slain unborn, half of whom were female.

Today, the Supreme Court is made up of 30 per cent women, meaning that women have had a far greater say in the Dobbs v Jackson case that overturned Roe.

What’s more, abortion has long been an easy out for irresponsible men who have made women pregnant and then hoped to erase the consequences of their bad decisions at no cost to themselves. Women often face pressure to abort from such men, and it is women who are then forced to live with the memory and guilt of that abortion.

This weekend’s decision elevates the voice of women by making the above scenario much less likely. It persuades both men and women to make more responsible choices about what they do with their bodies before a child is conceived, rather than relying on abortion as a form of birth control.

12. Supporters of President Trump have been vindicated

Christian or otherwise, anyone who supported President Donald Trump endured four years of insults and social ostracism. Trump was far from perfect — in his public persona especially. Yet he surrounded himself with a host of Christians, constitutional conservatives and pro-lifers. And he did something even more shocking: he actually listened to them.

By a miracle of God, the terms of three Supreme Court justices came to an end in the four short years Trump was in the White House. At Trump’s appointment, SCOTUS gained three conservative pro-life justices, without whom Friday’s decision would never have been possible.

There are many Christians who believe in seeming good over actually doing good. On the contrary, those who wanted to see real good achieved — and who backed President Trump despite his flaws — have been vindicated this weekend. And all of us have been reminded that cultural and political victories don’t need to look and feel winsome to actually be righteous and just.

This list of 12 reasons to be thankful for the overturning of Roe v Wade is just the start. Why are you grateful for Friday’s decision? Leave your comment below.

Originally published at the Daily Declaration.

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  1. Millions of babies will now live instead of being viciously murdered, and the same number of women will be able to live free of guilt.

  2. Well said Kurt! Unfortunately many Christians aren’t happy about the decision which baffles me, they’d do well to read this!

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