From Gay Marriage to Castrating Children: The Slippery Slope Was Real

In 2017, Australia legalised same-sex marriage. We were told no further moral degradation would follow. Only five years later, Australia is castrating children.

Recall the same-sex marriage debates in 2017. Do you remember hearing quips like, “Don’t be so worried: if gay people get married, the sun will still rise and the sky won’t cave in”?

I remember it well.

There was a popular meme circulating at the time along the same lines. It looked like this:

Slippery Slope

This meme, it turns out, couldn’t have been more misguided. Since marriage was undefined, we’ve seen a third world war break out in Ukraine, the plague of COVID-19 erupt globally, schools begin to teach kids how to have gay sex, and the terrorists overrun Afghanistan.

Five for five.

We Were Rightly Concerned About the Slippery Slope

Of course, I am being cheeky about this meme.

On a more serious note, Christians and conservatives were genuinely concerned about the fourth point: the sexualisation of our culture and of our children that would result from undefining marriage.

Here we are in 2022, and it’s much worse than simply “schools will begin teaching kids how to have gay sex”. That certainly has happened: the so-called ‘Safe Schools‘ program had to be overhauled for this very reason.

What other developments have taken place?

We now have drag queens reading to children in libraries across Australia. Increasingly we are seeing boys being allowed into girls’ toilets and locker rooms, and men competing against women in sports and destroying the competition.

We’ve got Australia’s top health officials no longer able to define the word “woman”. And we’re seeing children who are confused about their gender being chemically castrated and having their body parts removed.

If the above meme could have accurately predicted the future, it would have looked more like this:

Slippery Slope

It’s Time for Christians to Wise Up

We were told the “slippery slope” towards these outcomes was a myth. We weren’t told the truth. Erasing gender from society’s most basic institution, it turns out, does have huge consequences, all the way down to the most innocent ones in our society.

I actually wrote a series of articles on same-sex marriage back in 2017 which went viral. In hindsight, I was quite soft on the issue. I argued against the undefinition of marriage, but I essentially shrugged off the idea that legalising gay marriage would have any major repercussions.

If I sound a bit more conservative these days, there’s a reason for it. I was sold a furphy, and I have decided to not be so naive in the future.

As we continue debating the moral issues of the day, let the experience of the recent past give you wisdom for the future. The slippery slope is real. Once we remove the boundaries around sexual morality, there are no limits. The normalisation of pedophilia — and worse — is next.

What an amazing opportunity this gives us to point Australians back to the tried, tested and true Word of God which is the fount of all wisdom for human flourishing — on sexuality, and all else besides.

Originally published at the Daily Declaration. Image by James A. Molnar at Unsplash.

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