Cross and Culture: Can Jesus Save the West?


by Kurt Mahlburg

Paperback | 310 pages


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Our civilisation is unstable. Everyone can feel it. We face a looming mental health crisis. Slavery, censorship and superstition are back. Our politics are polarising. All the affluence in the world can’t seem to quench our thirst for meaning and purpose.

But maybe there is hope—if we know where to look.

In this timely book, Kurt Mahlburg shows how profoundly the West has been shaped by the life and teachings of Jesus—from our democratic freedoms and our pursuit of reason and science to our belief that every life is precious. Could rediscovering Jesus be the answer to our crisis?

“A much needed message for our time.”
—Peter Walker, Indigenous Elder, Bundjalung Nation

“I applaud Kurt Mahlburg on this landmark book.”
—Margaret Court, Former World Tennis Number One

“Cross and Culture deserves to be widely read.”
—Kevin Donnelly, Australian Catholic University


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