Big Tech is Biased: Here are Hundreds of Examples

Big Tech is biased. That fact is as clear as day to a large segment of the population, many of whom have experienced social media censorship first-hand. To others, however, claims of Big Tech censorship seem elusive and exaggerated.

So I took the liberty of logging incidents of Big Tech bias stretching back almost a decade. I found literally hundreds of examples, and they are catalogued below.

The common claim, and one I have often made myself, is that Big Tech censors conservatives. But this is not strictly true. Many libertarians, classical liberals, and even left-leaning people who oppose various aspects of “Wokeism” have found themselves gagged by the Silicon Valley giants.

Admittedly, some cases that I highlight below (such as several known conspiracy theorists) may have deserved a level of sensible censorship. But not most. The vast majority of these incidents were unfair by any reasonable measure.

There is no doubt that some acts of censorship took place under pressure from activist groups, but that is no excuse: these companies are still responsible for any action they take.

It is also true that certain bans listed below were made in error. To their credit, these companies reviewed such cases, reversed their decisions, and offered apologies. But it’s truly curious that even these errors have tend to impact people on just one end of the political spectrum.

Understanding the reasons for Big Tech bias is beyond the scope of this article. But it’s quite evident that the rules at Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon and co. are notoriously vague, ever-changing, and inconsistently enforced.

Companies that were once rightly hailed for democratising information and giving everyday people a voice now wield the power they’ve amassed to stifle those very voices.

If people you know still doubt that Big Tech is biased, this is the article to share with them. If there are any incidents of censorship that I’ve missed, please comment below with a link so that others can follow it up.

September 2014

  • An American pastor has his YouTube account terminated for uploading a sermon about Islamist persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

May 2015

April 2016

June 2016

July 2016

September 2016

  • A multimillionaire and his girlfriend are “outed” as Trump supporters on Twitter and are harassed off of the platform with no action taken by Twitter.

October 2016

February 2017

  • Facebook referrals to Jihad Watch website suddenly drop from 20,000 per day to 2,000 per day.

March 2017

  • A former homosexual has 850 Christian testimonial videos deleted from Vimeo after they are flagged as “hateful” and “offensive”.

May 2017

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October 2017

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This article originally appeared at the Daily Declaration.

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